Daily 3&4 Bonus Draws Promotion

The Daily 3 & 4 Bonus Draws promotion starts August 1, 2017. During the promotion certain Daily 3 & 4 drawings (midday or evening) will be designated as Bonus Draws during telecast of the winning numbers.  All eligible prizes awarded for these drawings will be increased by 20%. Daily 4 straight and wheeled bets are not eligible for this promotion.  In addition to the drawing broadcasts, Bonus Draws will be identified after they occur on ESMM and Club Keno monitors, ticket messages, terminal sign-on messages, websites, and advertising.


The exact end date of the promotion will be determined by the promotional liability during the month of August. The promotion will not extend beyond August 31, 2017. Retailers will be notified of the end of the promotion via terminal sign-on messages.


Please refer to the two-page retail communication piece (attached) for more details about the promotion.  Point-of-sale materials are scheduled for delivery on Friday, June 30th. 
Gerry Revis,
Jun 26, 2017, 1:08 PM