Plastic, 6-Column Pull Tabs Dispensers Are Available For Free

These Pull Tabs dispensers are now available at no cost to Club Games retailers! Whether you want to support your existing Pull Tabs business or simply want to break into the market with no upfront cost, this fluorescent dispenser is right for you. Each dispenser holds approximately 2,400 tickets and comes with the following accessories:


“PLAY HERE!” decal

Inventory tracking labels to help you manage your inventory

Channel clips to display sample tickets or flares

Price point stickers to indicate ticket price

Removable inserts to dispense $.50 tickets


A limited quantity of these plastic dispensers are available, so call your Lottery Sales Rep or the ITS Department to receive your FREE dispenser!

Pull Tabs are exclusively sold at bars and restaurants that sell Club Keno, providing a unique opportunity to sell a product that can only be offered at your establishment. With top prizes up to $25,000 and the highest prize payout across all Lottery products, there’s no surprise that Pull Tabs are on the rise!