Best Practices with eCoupons

Coupons sent electronically, known as eCoupons, are often used to drive traffic to your business while encouraging a player to try a new game.  The Michigan Lottery has hundreds of thousands of players registered at the Michigan Lottery Player's Club.  These players have raised their hands to allow the Michigan Lottery to email them with news and offers.  On occasion, these Player's Club members will receive an email with an eCoupon enclosed to print out and bring into any Lottery Retailer!

Being prepared to accept these eCoupons will ensure that you capitalize on this added traffic to your business - while adding to your profits by helping to make a sale.

Here are a few best practices to ensure you are prepared for upcoming eCoupon campaigns:
  • The eCoupons will be printed on plain paper by the player and may vary in quality or color
  • Carefully read the instructions before scanning the eCoupon – some eCoupons are totally free and others will require you to collect cash to complete the sale
  • Be sure you are using the “COUPON” button on your terminal rather than the “VALIDATE” button to scan the barcode on the eCoupon
  • If the barcode is printed with poor quality you can press the “COUPON” button on your terminal and manually input the numbers found below the barcode without scanning
  • NEVER use a playslip to attempt using the eCoupon offer – just scan the eCoupon and the offer is generated automatically.  Using a playslip will produce a wager that must be paid in full

  • The system will never allow you to scan the same eCoupon twice