Balancing Club Keno with Food and Beverage Demands

Food and beverage is what drives the overall wellness of Club Retailers - without question it is understood that Lottery is an enhancement to this existing business.  What is unique with the scenario of Lottery players is that they tend to frequent retailers more often and for greater durations of time - which has been proven to translate into additional food and beverage sales.  The tendencies of Lottery players feeds directly back into the profit center of the business which is why our most successful retailers are so thrilled with the results that Club Keno has provided.

Many new retailers often pose the question "Do I service my food and beverage customers first or my Lottery players?".  When a question of this nature is asked, undoubtedly food and beverage will come first.  But what our most successful retailers have found is that this is not a question of one vs. the other - because in actuality these are the exact same customers.  The better question they have since found is "How can I continue to meet the expectations of all of my customers".  Those retailers have instead focused on strategies such as:

  • Peak Traffic Period Support - a top retailer in Oakland County brought in a waitress just to handle Club Keno sales from 5pm to 12pm on Friday nights.  Customers immediately gravitated to this retailer and sales reached levels of $10,000+ per week, or $600+ in weekly commissions.  The added traffic to the retailer and greater capacity for the rest of the staff to support food and beverage far outweighed the cost of the additional waitress during peak traffic periods.

  • Simplified Cash Handling - in order to make the sale of Lottery more efficient many bars and restaurants have implemented a system where the Lottery sales do not need to flow into the main POS / cash register system.  By creating a self-contained cash system for Lottery, and using the accounting features on the terminal, these retailers have helped to streamline the process of selling Club Keno and have given back additional time to their employees to better service food, beverage and Lottery

  • Cooperative Lottery Sales - rather than appointing a single bartender the responsibility for running all Lottery sales and handling cash, business owners have enabled many waitstaff to share the responsibility.  This has changed the game at establishments that previously could only handle as many sales as one bartender could support who are now benefiting from increased sales, shorter customer wait time and greater waitstaff capacity.
These are a few winning strategies that have helped many retailers reach new levels of success with their food and beverage business in addition to Lottery.  Implementing practices like these will keep your customers, and your staff, happy as your business grows!