Successful Retailer Standards

Lottery field staff are quick to point out that their best-selling retailers

are oftentimes retailers who adhere to “best practices” when it comes to

displaying and promoting their Lottery products. Some of the important

standards that deserve mention are:


Control Inventory. Always keep a record of your instant game inventory,

which is critical should your organization have tickets stolen. Each instant ticket contains a game

book ticket number on the back and retailers are encouraged to record the ranges of ticket books

displayed for sales daily. IGT has inventory control forms that many retailers use. These can

be requested from them or through your instant game representative. The forms can also be

downloaded from the Lottery Website under “RETAILER RESOURCES.” All too often a retailer will

call to report ticket thefts with no idea – or record – of the tickets involved.


Discuss Lottery Products. Retailers should stay abreast of the latest

Lottery games and promotions so they can inform their customers. Each issue of Game Line

contains this information and the publication should be shared with all staff.


Display Point-Of-Sale Materials. Use these elements as a “silent

salesperson” both indoors and out. Highly visible signage that touts new and hot-selling games

spells “SALE” and customers respond positively to promotional pieces that ask for the sale.


Maintain Lottery Terminals. Keep your unit and the areas that

surround it clean and neat. As well, position your terminal so it is easily accessible to your sales

staff and is an integral part of your check-out area.


Make Your Instant Base Games Priority #1. With base

games accounting for such a high portion of instant sales, it is very important that these games

are well stocked and highly visible. Retailers are encouraged to regularly check inventory and

prioritize display of these games, because if you don’t show them you can’t sell them!


Neaten Brochures And Playslips. Keep them well stocked and

neat to ensure customers can easily locate the reference they need to make informed Lottery

purchase decisions.


Prioritize Instant Ticket Displays. Keep your displays fully

stocked and showcase them near your check-out register(s).


Review And Display “Top Remaining Prizes”Flyers.

This is information sent out by GTECH in the bi-weekly instant ticket shipments that

your customers refer to often when making their instant game purchase selections. If top prizes

exist in select games, promote them accordingly!


Update Information Boards. Retailers who regularly

update winning numbers and current jackpots are perceived as Lottery professionals

and they cultivate better informed and more dedicated Lottery customers.