Honoring Our Million Dollar Selling Lottery Retailers

A growing number of Michigan retailers achieved Lottery sales in excess of $1,000,000
during this past year and many of these high-performing retailers are displayed below in random order: 

Ajit Corporation
in Muskegon
Staffer Ida McManus with Store Owner Surinder Singh.

Express Liquor
in Garden City
Store Owners Jack and Tony Isso with Lottery DSR Amanda Smith

Quick Pic Party Store III
in Flint
Store Owner Khader Fouad Abu Aita, manager Issa Khader Abu Aita, Lottery DSR Craig Gist and Lottery Regional Sales Manager Mike Neu.
Rusty Keg Party Shoppe
in Sterling Heights
Jeff and Najy Jaboro with Sam Yousif (behind counter)
Wesco #26
in Muskegon
Store Manager Lee Wilcox

Kelley's Fuel Mini Mart 
in Melvindale
Owner Imad Khalil and clerk Samantha Johnson
Palace Liquor
in Dearborn
Ghani Hilo

D Brothers Party Store

In Roseville

Owner Amin Wahbi and Lottery DSR Mike Zrepskey

Five Star Liquor 
in Dearborn
Justin, Wally, Renee and Nazeer

Lovewell's Corner Store 
in Lupton

Oakland Liquor Party Shoppe 
in Southfield
Owners Nadia and Wisam Zora

Kennedy Liquor Store III 
in Detroit
Owners Bassim and Melvin

Liquor Basket Party Store

in Saginaw

Lottery DSR Sue Grimaldi, store Lottery manager Ann Toi Kas-Mikha and Lottery Regional Manager Mike Neu.

Stop N Shop II
in Saginaw

Lottery Regional Sales Manager Mike Neu, Lottery DSR Sue Grimaldi, owner Earl Pegues and store manager Jean Mason.

Seven Star Food Center
in Detroit
Staffer Quita with owner Mickey
Big Star Market
in Flint
Owner Hussein Salem
Athens Grocery Store
in Detroit
Store Manager Delano Kesto and DSR Andre' Johnson
Whitt's Party Store
in Battle Creek
Owner Geary Whittaker

Hadley Store
in Hadley
Lottery Regional Manager Mike Neu with owner Sam Shango and Lottery DSR Duane Wendling

Danny's Fine Wines
in Oak Park
Owners Karam and Rami Mukutur
Cloverleaf Sunoco
in Southfield
Manager Lisa Moses, owner Paul Lufty and purchaser Dani Yakub
Jamboozies Sports Bar & Grill
in Sterling Heights
Bob Barbani and Shelly Cabel

David's Mini-Mart
in Sterling Heights
Steve and Pam Shammami
Variety Foods Mini Mart
in Dearborn

Liquor Basket Party Store

in Saginaw
Lottery Regional Manager Mike Neu (left), owner Sabbar Jarbou and Lottery DSR Terry Kaminski.

Gratiot Fairmont Market
in Detroit
Nick's Party Store 
in Clinton Township
Linda Kallo and Lindsay Acho  
Beverage 1
in Detroit
Owner Gus Azar (left) with staffer Nicole Ray and fellow owner Paul Asmar 
Big J Market
in Detroit
Owner Jerry Sesi (left) with staffers Teianna, Anthony and Kiandra

Cherry Belt Party Store
in Inkster
Manager Barb Wood (left) with general manager Paul Sitto and Lottery DSR Amanda Smith 


Luxor Market
in Detroit
Owner Clint and clerk Angie