Terminal Tips

Please be aware that for your protection, a confirmation screen will display prior to printing all wagers above $25, and prior to the printing of all multi-board, multi-draw and repeat wagers for all other Jackpot games. As an added protection, a second confirmation screen will display for all wagers $100 and over. The confirmation screen contains wager information, including the total cost. Please use this screen to verify the wager details and dollar amount with the customer. At the point of the confirmation screen, you have the ability to cancel the printing of the wager by selecting the red box labeled NO. Once the terminal operator selects the green box labeled YES at the confirmation screen, your location has accepted responsibility for the cost of the ticket. Please train all staff operating the Lottery terminal to utilize this screen properly. We also recommend you post the following guidelines near the Lottery terminal for all staff to follow:


                Always use the confirmation screen to verify wager amounts with the customer before printing

                the ticket.


                Always collect the money for higher priced wagers before printing the ticket.


                Do not pay out any winning ticket until it has been properly validated and the terminal has printed

                 a “pay cash   receipt.”


                Always lock the screen when leaving the terminal unattended.