Validation Reminder

Don’t forget to validate all winning Michigan Lottery tickets before paying out cash prizes. By

receiving authorization to pay out a cash prize, Lottery retailers are assured they are paying

the correct amount and receive immediate reimbursement through their Lottery account. The

protection and convenience of validating winning tickets before paying out cash prizes far

outweighs the risk of failing to do so. Retailers are not eligible for reimbursement for prize

payments made on tickets that cannot be validated. If there is a problem with the validation of a

ticket, the customer should be directed to a Lottery Regional Office for assistance.


Lottery retailers benefit from properly accounting for tickets that they have validated. Never return

validated tickets to a customer. Always destroy validated tickets after they have been balanced to

your daily/weekly Lottery sales reports. Be sure to balance your Lottery account daily.


The Michigan Lottery ticket validation system is intended to protect Lottery retailers from financial

losses and to provide convenience in receiving reimbursement for the payment of cash prizes.

Please take advantage of the protection and convenience of the system and validate all winning

tickets before paying out cash prizes.